Harvard is one of a handful of top universities that make an effort to interview as many of the students who apply as possible.  The alumni interview process provides Cambridge with important information that goes beyond the paper record of each applicant. 

 Interviews add a crucial face-to-face piece that encourages our local talent.  It gives the applicant the chance to ask questions about Harvard from someone that actually has been there.  In addition, it gives us the chance to meet and develop relationships with the brightest young people in our state and encourages them to make the most of their talents wherever they end up attending college. 

 Please consider joining your fellow alums (including those Downstate) in volunteering to interview outstanding area high school students.


Harvard Club of Delaware volunteer opportunities include: 

Schools Committee - interviewing Harvard College applicants 

Scholarships Program - administering, promoting and selecting applicants for Student/Summer Professional Education Scholarship Programs.

Programs Committee - arranging the Annual Dinner with Faculty, organizing area social events, cross promoting other university alumni club events.

Communications/Membership Committee -updating the Harvard Club of Delaware web page, contacting area alums to participate in Club programs and activities.