Harvard Club of Delaware 

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Montchanin, DE 19710    

Jeff Kusumi  AB '86                President & Secretary
E-mail: jkusumi@post.harvard.edu


Elizabeth Davidson MPP '95           Treasurer
E-mail: ejdavidson@stanfordalumni.org


Mike Murphy  AB '90                Schools Chair
E-mail: murphymike1@comcast.net


Laurisa Schutt  AB '92             Programs Chair
E-mail: lsschutt@me.com

Andrew Straus  HBS '02         Membership Chair
E-mail: astraus@consinfra.com

Gene McCoy  PhD. '65             Scholarships Chair
E-mail: mccoy.marygene@att.net

Jim Chadderdon  AB '72          Past-President                             E-mail: jchadderdon@verizon.net 

 Scholarships for Delaware School Teachers and Administrators 

The Harvard Club of Delaware is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships for Delaware School Teachers and Administrators to attend a 2014 Professional Development Institute Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Please complete the following steps in order to enroll in a program of your choosing and apply for funding.


1)      Apply/register through the Programs in Professional Education website for the program you would like to attend. Please indicate that you are a “Harvard Club of Delaware Scholarship applicant” in the affiliation question sentence ending in “or group”.


2)      Then immediately email me the following information. Please call 302-475-3398 if you do not receive a response within 4 days to ensure I received it.


a.      Your full name, current professional title and location?

b.      Home mailing address?

c.      Where you expect to be employed in Delaware in the 2014-2015 school year?

d.      Have you attended a HGSE Program? Give names and dates?

e.      The name and dates of the Program you are seeking financial assistance to attend and whether you have applied?


The dates for application deadlines and decision notifications are available on each Program’s website. Registration notification is immediate for all non-application programs. The deadline to apply for the Harvard Club of Delaware scholarship is March 24, 2015 and applicants will be notified about their funding decision by April 24, 2015.


Scholarship recipients are required to report to their school administration, and the Harvard Club of Delaware, by September 15, 2015, the value of the Program for you work, system improvements and whether the Harvard Club of Delaware should continue to offer these scholarships. Our objective is to have you share the knowledge you gained through the program with others in your school system.



Gene McCoy



2641 Majestic Drive

Wilmington, Delaware, 19810